How is this possible? A small painter. Nonetheless member of the French Academy and teacher at the Académie Julian. Eugène Robert Pougheon (1886-1955). Almost nothing on him on the internet. A rare acquaintance of the auction houses as well. And not only that, his paintings are valued from a few hundred to (as an extraordinary exception) 67.000. Most of his stuff brings (when sold) a few thousand at the most. And then, boom! Christie’s, 24 June, the same exceptional painting (Amazones) sells for… can you believe it?… 1.100.000 (right, well over a million!).

Can you believe this? The seller hit the jackpot! That is all one needs – a good painting and two individuals who want to have it. And then you’re pretty much set. Perhaps for life. You can buy as much time as you like with this money.



One thought on “Pougheon?

  1. I was wondering the same thing. Judging by the few things by him I can find, he was pretty good and I’d like to see more.

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