Pessoa – Alvaro de Campos

I spent several hours translating from Carpenter’s essay on the strength of Greenberg’s aesthetics and I find it weak. Very weak. And, therefore, difficult to translate. Now, I started with a text from Greenberg himself and it goes as smooth as possible. I am wondering if it is already translated in Romanian. But it does not matter. I do it for myself (first) and then for the others. It is about writing, keeping in touch with the language(s) and learning something new.

I read more from Pessoa (while waiting for Too Loud a Solitude – Hrabal, to reach me). I like his Alvaro de Campos avatar.

“My eyes follow the smoke as if it were my own trail

And I enjoy, for a sensitive and fitting moment

A liberation from all speculation

And an awareness that metaphysics is a consequence of not feeling very well.”

“The world is for those born to conquer it,

Not for those who dream they can conquer it, even if they’re right.

I’ve done more in dreams than Napoleon.

Cardiac slaves of the stars,

We conquer the whole world before getting out of bed…”

“I’m beginning to know myself. I don’t exist.

I’m the gap between what I’d like to be and what others have made me.”


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