what i saw…

two exhibitions. i caught both of them in their last week. 

peter kogler – in MUMOK. check this out. and try to imagine being there, alone. just you and the projection. and the sound blasting out from huge speakers, camouflaged behind the walls. 


edward hopper – in kunsthalle. it somehow resonated with the book i was reading at the time – survivor. eerie. black. uncanny. hopper’s work is not overwhelming in this exhibition. there are some 15-20 paintings/drawings by him. the rest – jim jarmusch, jonas dahlberg, tim eitel, jeff wall, etc. of course, there is always pleasure involved in seeing a jeff wall. or a jarmusch. or something new, that i did not see before. jonas dahlberg‘s three videos. 1, 2, 3. open all of them and let them play simultaneously. but watch them. there is such a different take on destruction in these movies. almost sweet and playful. but destruction nevertheless.


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